Everything about Free Adblocker Browser
What is Free Adblocker Browser?

Free Adblocker Browser is an internet browser for Android. The browser has an integrated adblock feature that blocks all ads and trackers automatically even before they get downloaded to your device. This ensures a great user experience. Not only does it block annoying ads, but you can also browse super fast without wasting time and money on downloading advertising and foxy trackers. On average, FAB loads pages 2 times faster than other browsers. The browser protects your privacy because no one can track your online activities. It also protects you from malware, ransomware, viruses, phishing and other scams.

You can download Free Adblocker Browser from Play Market.

What kinds of ads does Free Adblocker Browser block?

Free Adblocker Browser blocks all kinds of ads, including pop-ups, banners, and video-ads.

You can whitelist a website if you don’t mind seeing its ads or if the website requires being whitelisted.

Free Adblocker Browser blocks ads within the browser, but not in applications downloaded on your device. According to the Google Play Developer Distribution Agreement, apps that interfere with other Play Market applications are not allowed. If you watch videos in the YouTube app, you will see advertising, but if you open YouTube in Free Adblocker Browser, all the ads will automatically be blocked.  

What features does the browser have?

Free Adblocker Browser has a built-in ad blocking feature, which gives it the following several advantages over other well-known browsers like Chrome, Mozilla, and others:

  1. Blocking ads. The browser blocks ads and sneaky trackers even before they are downloaded to your device. No more annoying advertising or tracking of your activities online.
  2. Fast browsing. Because no ads or trackers are downloaded, the browser is super fast and agile. Our tests show that with Free Adblocker Browser, pages load 116% faster than on Chrome and 121% faster than on Mozilla Firefox.
  3. Privacy protection. FAB blocks all the trackers, so no third parties can trace your online activities. Your online privacy is fully protected.
  4. Safe browsing. FAB protects you against malware, ransomware, viruses and other scams. We pay special attention to blocking ads that link to malicious software, thereby creating a safe browsing environment for our users.
  5. Saves battery life and money. Downloading ads requires data, which costs you additional money for mobile traffic. According to The New York Times study, more than half of all data on news websites comes from ads. Basically, you pay to see ads. Moreover, this unnecessary content drains your battery. Our tests show that Free Adblocker Browser saves up to 20% of battery life. With FAB, you can browse the internet longer for less cost.


Free Adblocker Browser also provides all the features you are used to in a traditional browser. You can open pages in multiple tabs, browse incognito, add bookmarks, translate and search pages, view history and clear your browsing data, choose a search engine, etc.

Why is Free Adblocker Browser better than other adblocking tools?

Free Adblocker Browser is a smartly developed browser that has all the features essential for efficient online surfing already built in. You don’t have to worry about additional services on your device — the browser blocks ads and trackers by default, providing a safe environment for a super fast browsing experience. It’s totally up to you if you want to see ads on a certain website.

The Browser has a friendly interface and is easy to use. You can actually see how many ads have been blocked and how much data volume you have saved. 

Our team works hard to make Free Adblocker Browser faster and develop features that are exciting for our users.  

Why do ads sometimes get through?

Advertisers create new ad sources everyday. We are continuously updating our filters, but sometimes it can take a while, until those updates arrive on your phone. Also, we are working on getting better at blocking annoying pop-ups and redirects. You can help us by reporting a problem. Just open the adblocking menu, tap on the “Report Problem” button, and describe the problem you encountered in the opened form.

Are there any sync options available?

A prototype of the sync feature is already in the works, but it will take some time before it is presented to the public.

Is the browser absolutely free?

Free Adblocker Browser is free and can be downloaded by any user from Play Market.

We also offer several subscription features to finance our project, such as:

– Playing YouTube videos and audio in the background

– Reader mode

– Customized themes

– Clearing the history automatically after closing the browser

– Updating adblocking filters automatically

– Protecting data with a pincode

– Deleting all the ads within the app

Although these and some other features are available with a subscription, the main advantage of the Browser — blocking ads and trackers — will always be free for everyone.

Why does Free Adblocker Browser ask all those permissions when you download it from the Play Store?

A browser is a specific kind of software that is used to explore various web resources. Consequently, it is used for a broad variety of purposes and many different use cases. There are a lot of browsers on the market and we don’t want to lack any functionality. On websites like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and others, voice input, picture upload, and sharing documents are common user actions. To perform those actions, Android permissions are needed. On many Android versions, those permissions need to be provided upon installation.

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